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Episode 80

This week Paul is in Vegas, so I give you a brief rundown of the stuff we’ve already been covering, check in on our favorite zoo in Copenhagen, and we lose a good chunk of our audience in Turkey.

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Spring Hath Sprung

Happy Spring, BroCast readership! If you didn’t already know, the first day of spring (technically) was Thursday, March 20th. In the wise words of Sterling Archer, “eat a dick, winter.” [He was referring to the jungle, but this applies.] It … Continue reading

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MUTOD: When Paul is Away

  There once was a bro with a posting, For days upon days worth of coasting, As he sat down to write, Setting a blank page alight, With a limerick that was not worth toasting.      

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I Got Shit to Do

Seriously. Wicked busy day for me and a lot of work left to do. And I’m sure it makes you feel like this: But that’s the way the cookie gets splooged on. You get no sympathy from me, because I’ll … Continue reading

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Episode 79

This week Chris Brown is in jail, baseball is huge in Australia, the hunt for MH370 continues, Russia receives many warnings, and Michigan is associated with good news!

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Inside the Minds of BroCast

Happy weekend, BroCast readership! I bet you have all been wondering who is behind the genius of BroCast news from a more objective view. To show you part of the inner workings of the BroCast operation, I have given a … Continue reading

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MUTOD: Rejected Movie Idea – Mike Mulligan 2: The Revenge of Mary Anne

I’m not going to tell you which movie studio rejected my script idea.  To do so would embarass them, and I know they’re going to kick themselves in the ass later because Mike Mulligan 2:  Mary Anne’s Revenge (also spitballing … Continue reading

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