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Faced with the inability to write I decided to just build, even though they’re not real Legos.  Because that’s why Legos are always so great: I had more fun building Paul’s minifig, obviously.  (Also the hair options were limited.) Less … Continue reading

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Rebooting Childhood

Late this past Tuesday evening I had a rather interesting conversation with my dear cohost as I stood in the doorway of his apartment/cave near Central Park. And by “interesting,” I of course mean “mind-bendingly stupid.” A passel (which is … Continue reading

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Episode 75

This week we celebrate the return of normal television programming, check in on the Euromaidan and Venezuela, and live through Ragnarök.

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MUTOD: Viral Hoaxes

All right Internet.  Let’s do this, because I’m getting so very, very tired of seeing this appear on my news feed: Unfortunately, it’s bullshit. Haha you got me Chive.  You pulled the wool over my eyes.  Well done! But, come … Continue reading

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Your Turn, Hulu

I like to review things. Telling the fine people (well, people…barely) of the internet about things I love makes me all warm and tingly up in my business. And ragging on crap that I hate makes me feel like a … Continue reading

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Episode 74

  This week we walk out on Morsi’s trial, then out of Kiev’s city hall, then run the hell out of Caracas, stay out of Central Africa, and take all of the long roads around Florida.

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MUTOD: I Break Your Reebok Commercial

I’d heard the commercial music playing in the background for over a week before seeing the actual spot. Maybe you’ve seen it: You feel bad for an editor when they don’t have the right footage to work with.   Don’t … Continue reading

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