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What Hath Starbucks Wrought?

The above image is not a joke. It’s not a Photoshop or a meme or a meme-o-shop or whatever the hell else it’s called when you idiots put stupid words over pictures of ugly cats and throw them on the … Continue reading

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Episode 69

This week we send off Ariel Sharon, talk about the hottest new scandal of 2014, and cheer a ninth-grade hero.  Also, a friend of the show gets that burning sensation.

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This Year in Hilarity (So Far)

Many of you fans out there probably wonder where I, a respected drunken fake journalist, get my news from. The papers? The TV? Bing? Of course not, you silly bastard! You and your ideas. Nobody reads the papers, TV is … Continue reading

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Episode 68

¬†This week we welcome our new mayor, get snowed in, watch Fallujah and the Congo from afar, and follow up on the rescue mission from last week (and no, we’re not talking about CO’s cannabis shortage).

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thanks a lot de blasio!

bloomberg never would have let this shit happen. – Sincerely, White People

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Resolve Yourself

I don’t make New Years resolutions. Ever. “How?” you might be asking, or possibly “why?” Unless, of course, you’re somehow very confused/still drunk, in which case you’re probably asking “Where?” or “Shall I put your call through to Manitoba-237, Mrs. … Continue reading

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Happy Moon Year!

Here’s a fresh one for a new year from Tommy Moon. And he hardly complains at all in it! Happy New Year, 2013 was a good year for me so Im a little sad to see it go. My family … Continue reading

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