Happy Moon Year!

Here’s a fresh one for a new year from Tommy Moon. And he hardly complains at all in it!

Happy New Year, 2013 was a good year for me so Im a little sad to see it go. My family is all good and actually still, almost, like me. My business is growing and my partner is stealing less each year. Not bad but the world has not been so lucky . What a fuckin surprise ! Wars all over the Globe. In places I never heard of or ever want to see. We of coarse are still fighting the longest war in our history and the leader of this place hates our guts and treats us like shit while he steals more than my partner and is nowhere near as funny. Lose this guy and his BS. Speaking of lose my City,yes mine I was born here, live here again , and have payed gigunda taxes for more than two decades with my company being based here. As I was saying we are losing our leader, Mr Mayor. Take it easy Liam. Yes he is short and your stupid train aint running and yes he fucked up now and then, but this town is better off than when he came in.Thats the only way to judge these guys. don’t get lost in the details. You are gonna piss people off if you do shit but its better than most of our politicians. They would rather do nothing and stand for nothing and get their fat lazy ass RE ELECTED. Check out, Congress and the famous NYS SENATE AND NYC CITY COUNCIL. Little Mike has NO Scandals . He owed nobody nothin and still don’t .The city is safe, the trains are running, the film business is shooting here again, jobs are coming back. Yeah its too expensive to live but in my 100 years here it was never cheap. I know you really like  the bike lanes. so get on your unicycle, put on your unitard and come on down.  HAPPY NEW YORK CITY YEAR.   EAT ME PS:  Resolution!!!!!! Please get Ryan Seacrest and that dumb blonde and those bad acts, except Billy Joel, off the fuckin Rock n Roll New Years. They give Rock a Bad Fuckin Name.

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By reading this blog, you legally forfeit your right to cry, eat tofu, or watch movies where people kiss in the rain and sh*t!
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