MUTOD: Fuck you, Spotify

This will be a quick one because I am on a laptop from home which may or may not be older than Tommy Moon.  The most high-tech program on here is MS Paint, the keyboard doesn’t work, and I keep seeing this:


Next Mutod:  Fuck you, Internet Browsers.

My topic was originally going to be about what I got for Christmas, but all it ended up being was the last three seasons of 24 and the Saw V.  Both feature Carlo Rota…and that is about it.  Seriously, how do so many morons with hidden pasts get hired at CTU?  And how annoyingly and unnecessarily complex did those Saw movies get after the third one…?

A paycheck’s a paycheck, but still….poor Donnie Wahlberg

Instead I’m going to talk about these providers of content, like Spotify, or Netflix, or Hulu, or whatever.  To put it metaphorically, let’s say your dog is eating from his bowl, and then you move the bowl.  The dog will go with it.  The dog will conform to whatever you do.  But if one day you take the bowl away completely, the dog has no idea what the hell just happened.  Where is the food?  Why did it suddenly go away?  That is just plain mean.

These services like Spotify and Netflix and whatever, constantly remove shit without telling anyone.  WHY?  How is this okay to do to consumers? In a brick and mortar store you can be “out of this product,” but in the digital realm this should be completely unacceptable.  Tangible media is donezo.  There is a certain convenience of having these providers of content.  That convenience is quashed when things are removed with no heads-up.  If Mike Mulligan 2:  The Revenge of Mary Ann isn’t getting enough hits, then I understand if Netflix or Hulu want to faze it out, but at least give it a junkyard-picks section titled “soon to be removed” or Last Man Standing list, where the movie/show has a chance to be redeemed.  Instead of trying to locate what is best for me Paul to watch, maybe give Netflix more transparency with its media removal.

Couldn’t you, you know, give us some sort of warning?  It is bad enough that I have to utilize five different services for five different programs, but if I am going to pay for Netflix (which I don’t) or Spotify (which I don’) I expect that the service will provide me with some common courtesy.  Otherwise I don’t want your service.  A simple line in the program description could be easily programmed in:

“This show/song/movie will be available until January 14, 2014.”

How fucking hard is that?

Showtime, HBO, Starz on Demand all have this, and those services have less song-and-dance and cost more.

This Lumberjack will be removed by June 2014 to make way for brawnier finales.

This Lumberjack will be removed by June 2014 to make way for brawnier finales.


No, my nephew did not make this...

No, my nephew did not make this…


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