MUTOD: The Best Post of 2013

No of course this isn’t the best post of 2013.  Are you nuts?

The one thing I dislike about the end of the year is that, no matter what, everyone has to have lists.

Too many lists.

On Facebook you can check out your year in review — which lists 20 (most likely arbitrary if you’re unmarried/not with child) things that you did this year that you allowed Facebook to invade — so this might be a really sad thing for a handful of people…like your friend Jan.

"Remember that one girl you friended, because she doesn't remember you!"

Big Moment #11:  That selfie from June.

Along with Barbra Walters’ (final) Fascinating People, which aired two nights ago, there are “15 Animals That Got it Right in 2013,” on Buzzfeed, along with baby animals, the Worst Movies of 2013, or Games We Loved in 2013, Halloween Costumes, TV Quotes, you name it.

There is an list for everything.  Why do we do this?  Why do we need this closure?  Is it because we’re so lazy and getting dumber that we need to review everything we’ve seen this year just to make sure that we don’t confuse it with stuff we see next year?  Pick ONE thing you did this year that was important to you and remember that — no need to categorize everything.  What is time, anyway?

What was it Einstein said? “The only reason for time is so not everything happen at once.”

Have people already started pooling together the cutest baby animal images for Q1 of 2014?



Time only gets faster as you get older, so if you want to sound like your depressing friend Jan who keeps asking, “Where did 2013 go?” tell her it didn’t go anywhere, but rather she is seeing a year encapsulated in an in-review form, making it seem a lot faster than it really was.

As for lists on this blog, I went through our images and found that most of them were of Paul’s outings and shenanigans, so I’ll leave it to Paul, should he feel compelled to review 2013.

If I want to review my year I’ll look at the pictures on my phone, then clean it out for 2014, thanks.

Also, can we start saying “Twenty Fourteen” now?  Not you, Jan.

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