MUTOD: Random Thoughts

So this week has been a blur.  Holiday Party here. Holiday Party there.

In between drunken holiday festivities when I didn’t have this still stuck in my head…

…I came up with a few thoughts that I believed I could use as a launching board for entire articles.  Looking at my notes now, this probably won’t be the case, so…

1)  Once it gets properly formatted you’d think that Karaoke’ing Ylvis’ “The Fox” would be a great idea.  Nothing good will come of this except making yourself look like a complete ass in front of a room of strangers who all have phones.  Having someone record you making ridiculous “Fox” sounds is roughly the equivalent of any photo taken of you in the 90’s where you “can’t believe I wore X.”



Good luck escaping that video in the future.  There are less incriminating videos of Rob Ford.

2)  Tangible Media will die out.  People have way too much shit.  There are entire shows about people who have way too much shit.

Have a seat!  Anywhere is fine.

Have a seat! Anywhere is fine.

Digital downloads are where its at, just like iTunes music.  When was the last time you went out and bought a CD?  Then imported all of the songs in your iTunes, put the disc on a shelf and never touched it again?  More often than not how much do you hate having to open a DVD player, take a DVD from a shelf, and then insert it into the tray?

While the biggest complaint used to be having to rewind VHS tapes, the DVD has all but done away with that concept.  The new annoyance is the act of having to get up and transport a disc from Point A to Point B.

This can't be too far off...?

This can’t be too far off…?

3)  Bioshock Related, so skip it if you’re not familiar:  There are parts of Infinite that I roll my eyes at and go “Ugh, I hate this fight,” but this one in Finkton is the worst, second to the Siren.  You’re bombarded with wave after wave of enemies on the uppermost floor, with very limited cover, and constantly getting stuck on tables and chairs and corners.


There’s this decently-sized room to the left when you walk in which will allow you to breathe, but I never noticed it until my second play through.



In Burial At Sea the game formula was changed to allow you to hold more than two guns, but this isn’t something you’d really notice on your first play through, so I ended up melee’ing my way through the last level…  Worked out great.  The law of gravity, defied!

I thought this was meant to be a twist.  It wasn't.  I was just slightly more creative.

I thought this was meant to be a twist. It wasn’t. I was just slightly more imaginative

4)  I think Kim Jong Un needs to take a nap.  That is the entire thought.

5)  Even though the movies haven’t been good since the second one, the Pirates of the Caribbean Theme is actually really catchy:

It can go right up there with Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Batman, and other classic themes that you only need to mention the name for someone to hum you a few bars.  Hans Zimmer, the genius that he is, could have had this theme drafted up to be saved for a rainy day, (because when the hell is anyone going to make another movie about pirates?) only to pull it out of his archives when the right time came.  It’s like how Obit writers keep famous, not-yet-dead people’s write-ups on their computers for really quick turnarounds when said person expires.

Ugh, he looks like Harry Knowles ate the sea captain from Tintin.

The books may not be done, but I bet his obit is currently up to date.

6)  The word “portend” sucks.

How I was going to make six different articles about all of these I will never know, but here is what you get, Internet.  Food for thought. 

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  1. Paul says:

    Damnit man, how many times must I keep telling you: vigor traps!

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