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6 Responses to Test

  1. Tom Mooney says:

    I have to leave a long reply because this will be my post for the day due to the fact that the two host of our hit show refuse to help a decorated combat Vet. Thats right ME. Go ARMY. Ps Eat me

    • Paul says:

      Your definitions of “long,” “help,” and “decorated” are highly questionable.

      • tommooneyfilms says:

        Hello as you can see by the comment from Captain Spalding, I am under great stress from the Brocastnews Team. I’m just trying to have a voice of my generation be heard . The generation who brought you The Beatles, Rolling Stones , Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix, The Godfather and at the Ohio Express. You brought the world Video Games , Dave Marshall , Brittany , American Idol, and the world of the UN Social , let me hide behind my gadgets, technology. like my stupid fuckin IPad . Where Is a drone when I need one. In the future I will submit my BLOG on a yellow pad in pencil to you via a FAX machine and you and your weird co host with the bad ties can EAT ME. Good day

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