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Undah Da Sea (Also, Happy Belated Veterans Day!)

It’s been a good goddamn week so far. Very good, if I do say so myself. And I do. Even if I did have to work on Veteran’s Day. Because my place of employment hates freedom, I assume. Oh sure, … Continue reading

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Veterans Day

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Episode 60

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MUTOD: Revisiting “The Unanswerables”

A blog post that I’d written in May of this year dealt with my frustrations over television writing.  Many of the derivative television shows I had seen stalled the plot and created shrouds of mystery and questions as a means … Continue reading

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Triple Feature

A great man once said “You know what your problem is? It’s that you haven’t seen enough movies.” That man was either William Henry Harrison or Steve Martin. I get them confused sometimes, but I’m pretty sure it was whichever … Continue reading

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Nuevo Post de mi Padre

Buenas noches, readers. I bring you word from Tommy Moon who is working (allegedly) south of the border: “Hola.  I am shooting in Mexico City. It is a beautiful city. The people are warm and friendly. The film crews are … Continue reading

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All Hail The New King of New York

You heard it here first folks! Brocast News is officially calling the election in favor of Billy DeBlasio, AKA The Mushroom King  AKA the People’s Public Advocate.  

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