Tommy Moon: Dead Man’s Chest

Another email that my dad sent me from his iPad to complain about technology. You think about that.

“Hello world,  no I have not left the earth yet. I am hiding under my desk once again dealing with my 700 different passwords to open my staff login to Brocast. Yes I know ,I am the only one who has this problem but guess What?  I am not the fool The fools are the ones that spend all day on their gadgets . This is a fuckin gadget that was put hear to drive me insane. Today was a good day in NYC. All but one sports team is under 500.  Cano is not going to be a Yankee next year and the Knicks are pathetic, is that the correct spelling, its such a great sounding,not typed word.You see that is the problem the spoken word  can be much more expressive. Thats why we speak and have movies and phones . I digress the reason it was a good day is that Monday night the NE Patriots and pretty boy Floyd LOST. There is a God. Also Obama had a bad day and so did Liz Cheney. Fuck Karzai and his list and fellow bloggers, EAT ME.”

And for the record, he has one password. ONE. He refuses to write it down. Because he’s old. So here I am. Open email, command-C, command-V, drop the mike.

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By reading this blog, you legally forfeit your right to cry, eat tofu, or watch movies where people kiss in the rain and sh*t!
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