I’m tired

So Bloomberg’s New York has destroyed an icon of local street art in the name of luxury housing. I’m not even mad about that, it’s private property and the owners can do what they want. I’m more upset about how many people think that that racist, fascist super villain we call a mayor did a good job during his illegal four term reign.
If you don’t believe Mikey Bloomberg wants to keep the poors out of Manhattan then I invite you to take the 7 train this weekend. OH WAIT, YOU CAN’T.

To be clear, this is Gotham, not the 59th street bridge, OH I'M SORRY, IT'S THE ED KOCH BRIDGE NOW>

To be clear, this is Gotham, not the 59th street bridge, OH I’M SORRY, IT’S THE ED KOCH BRIDGE NOW!

The only way into Manhattan without making 17 transfers is to take one of the new innovative gonnorhea green cabs for $25 or take a ferry. Who takes a ferry? This isn’t Oregon Trail, I’m not going to ford the goddamned East River. Bloomberg, just admit that the 7 has been closedon the weekends for the last year for race reasons and not “signal repairs” then I’ll go away.


A dog in people’s clothes

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4 Responses to I’m tired

  1. Paul says:

    I thought you liked the ferry.

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