MUTOD: Last Night was Halloween

Perhaps Paul has already written about Halloween and our group costumes, but screw him.  My draft was here first.

I’m writing this the day before it is due.  Today is Halloween.  Tonight = drinking, and  Paul’s GI Joe drinking game, which you may remember often leaves its participants disoriented.

I’ll be damned if I am going to be able to muster up the energy tomorrow to write out a full MUTOD, so here we are with a list of predictions from last night’s Halloween festivities that are possibly will happen/have already happened/are happening.

I'll wager that only Paul gets this reference.

I’ll wager that only Paul gets this reference.

[-]  We will lose/have lost Paul to a Sexy Devil (the costume) at one of the bars.  

[-]  No one knows who Jeff is supposed to be.  Secondly, no one knows where Jeff went.

[-]  We will attempt/have attempted to record something for this Sunday’s upcoming episode of BroCast News.  We manage to get a whole 4-5 seconds in before giving up.

[-]  Thirdly, Jeff nurses a can of beer for way too long.  We will replace/have replaced the word “Jeff” instead of the word “drink.”

[-]  Shots at the bar are immediately followed with a rousing “YO JOE!”  One other person shouts it with us, then gives up.

[-]  Anyone with a prop gun gets sick of having to hold said prop gun within the first 30 minutes at the bar.  Except Joe; he has swords.

[-]  I find many excuses to ditch my costume’s beret.  Thus, a mime costume is born.

[-]  Shaun quickly tries to research at Paul’s and see if any GI Joe’s don a very comfortable USSR hat.  None do (?)  Womp womp.

The Briefest Moment of Sobriety

Great Hatski

[-]  Danny stays home/shows up late.  We miss him.

[-]  At some point Paul plays me back at Words with Friends.  What are you doing?  Oh, there was a line for the bathroom?  Fair enough.

[-]  We meet someone dressed as The Fridge.  Though he’s not necessarily dressed up, he certainly looks the part and, in our defense, is wearing a jersey.  We’ve apparently become racists.

[-]  Costume malfunctions = 4 or less.

[-]  Number of “What Does the Fox Say” costumes = 3

[-]  Number of Walter White costumes = 6.  Number of those who have actually seen the show = 4.

[-]  Paul busts out the pull up bar to get us pumped.  This is a terrible idea after 4+ beers.

[-]  Zombie Lou Reeds = 1

[-]  Miley Cyrus’ = 10+

[-]  How many of them should be strangled = All of them.

[-]  We get kicked out of a bar after someone tries to explain to us why Cobra is better.

[-]  That someone is Amanda.

[-]  A little kid on the streets of Manhattan mistakes us for real GI Joe’s.  Paul adopts him, and for a four-year-old drinking apple juice he’s miles better at the GI Joe drinking game than Jeff.



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  1. Paul says:

    Dude, Rosalind Lutece is hot.

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