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Episode 62

This past week something got done in the Senate…for real? Nuclear Options, a Deal with Iran, the best time to rob England, and our favorite zombie extra gets back in the spotlight.

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MUTOD: So I stole Paul’s Netflix

There’s no surprise that the Netflix topic has already popped up once this week, as I totally have been piggybacking off of Paul’s Netflix and other such wonderful things. This past Sunday I managed to get Paul to sign into … Continue reading

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A-Netflix-alyze This

Sometimes I wonder what the many people on the periphery of my life (such as the employees at the Starbucks I go to everyday, the vast majority of my coworkers, that shipwrecked family I hunted on my private island, etc) … Continue reading

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Tommy Moon: Dead Man’s Chest

Another email that my dad sent me from his iPad to complain about technology. You think about that. “Hello world, ┬áno I have not left the earth yet. I am hiding under my desk once again dealing with my 700 … Continue reading

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I’m tired

So Bloomberg’s New York has destroyed an icon of local street art in the name of luxury housing. I’m not even mad about that, it’s private property and the owners can do what they want. I’m more upset about how … Continue reading

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Episode 61

This week New York wins over Chicago, China gets frugal, changes in Hawaii, and stairs for boats.

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MUTOD: I Don’t Want to be a Google +

So while we’re all not wondering how funny it would have been if one of the trucks veered I think it is time to talk about one of the worst things on the internet: ┬áChange. This week YouTube did something … Continue reading

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