Episode 56

On our 13th day of the Government Shutdown we talk Nobel Prize Winners, get some closure on the 22-year old Baby Hope case, lose another ship off the coast of Lampedusa, witness the shortest kidnapping ever (looking at you Ali Zidan), refuse to pitch Ava Snow Battles Death, and ask our fellow New Yorkers to help find missing 14-year-old Avonte Oquendo.

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Frankie “The Red Panda” Funkaducciola RIP Uncle Prime
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1 Response to Episode 56

  1. Jason says:

    Not “conned.” Allowed. It is generally illegal to compete with the government.

    Economics has been announced. Eugene Fama won for Efficient Market Hypothesis. He had to share the award with Robert Shiller, who did some decent asset pricing stuff, and Lars Hanson, who I don’t know.

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