Episode 55

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2 Responses to Episode 55

  1. Jason says:

    Obamacare is the law, but the funding for Obamacare is not. I don’t understand this “the GOP should just cave because Obamacare passed” nonsense. Congress is not required to fund it, and this would not be the first time that a government program has died because of de-funding. The longer the “shutdown” lasts, the better, and if the debt ceiling isn’t raised in two weeks, we can finally start moving in the right direction.

    The monuments in DC were only closed to make the shutdown seem like a big deal (which it isn’t, but also, neither are unneccessarilly closed monuments). They are outdoor stone monuments, with no entrance fees, that required more funding to close than it would have taken to keep them open. The park police are even still on the job, putting up barricades, and chasing away veterans, so concerns about vandalism or safety don’t even explain the closures. I’m sure whichever congresspeople told the park police to let the vets in were not remotely responsible for this bullshit (law enforcement is an executive function anyway, not a legislative one). The government even tried to close Mount Vernon on the “shut down” pretense, only to find out that it is entirely privately funded. Oops. http://now.msn.com/national-park-service-police-try-to-close-privately-funded-mount-vernon-during-shutdown

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