So go Home

Let me get this straight.  The Government closed the Government  ,but they don’t go home without pay. Huh!  If anyone should go back from whence they came is the pompous morons in Congress.  Go back to you little house on the prairie and we will all do fine. Time to throw the bums out. Time for new people who care more about the good of the country and not just the loudest aholes in their district. What a revolutionary concept. They don’t like a new law so they want to take their marbles and go home. OK So go the fuck home. Who cares.  Oh yeah they have the American people behind them. Forget the fact that their guy lost and the Supreme Court agrees its the law. The phone ran off the hook from people trying to get Heath Care just like the one these mooks have. Hey Go Home and Eat Me . Imagine missing Eric Cantor   that’s lonely

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6 Responses to So go Home

  1. LeeePowers says:

    Just FYI, Dear Readers, The 27th Amendment forbids Congress from altering their own pay, including freezing it. They are legally not allowed to stop getting paid. What the Congress persons do with their paychecks during the furlough will be interesting to see. Will they pay staff out of their own pocket? will they invest heavily in Bitcoins? Will they pay this lonely blogger? Only time will tell.

    • tommooneyfilms says:

      Well said my learned colleague. So the almighty douche bags who are the government but hate the government then shut it down Get Paid. Its time to rethink the Constitution. Term limits! !

      Tom Mooney

    • Jason says:

      They can pretty simply pass a law that compensates after the midterms, for those congresspeople who get reelected, however. Also, since they’re the legislature after all, they can change, repeal, or alter the Amendment. But that is kind of a task.

  2. Jason says:

    I don’t quite follow your point, Tommy. You think the government is bad, but that the way to fix this is by having more government? That seems backwards somehow.

    • tommooneyfilms says:

      I never said government is bad just the individuals running it. We have professional politicians. That was not the original intent of our forefathers. They are only interested in money for the constant never ending election and retaining power. We need better government and new people.

      Tom Mooney

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