Reap what ye hath sown America

Congratulations america, finally done it. All of your political grandstanding and petty squabbling has but you in the ass and the bald eagle has come home to roost. The uncompromising assholes you elected did exactly what you would expect them to do and locked horns in a national pissing match, but there are real fucking consequences to your actions.
I’m assuming that link is broken or you are too lazy to open it dear reader, but they shut down PandaCamâ„¢.
Now, this isn’t the worst thing in the world, if I wanted to see.someone eat forty pounds of ruffage in a day I would just watch tommy moon trying to deal with his incontinence. No, this is a microcosm of what we’re missing out on now. We’re about to put a Star Trek replicatorâ„¢ in space and we can’t even agree on a way to make basic healthcare easily available to the general public.
If you’ve been on facebook today you have probably seen a lot of computer chair political activists in an uproar, shouting across the aisle and wagging a disapproving finger. “tsk tsk” they’ll say “This is your fault, how dare you do this to America!”
but you can’t blame one part, because this is a system DESIGNED to fail. Having a two party system transforms every issue into a binary argument. Any time you can answer questions of policy with a simple yes or no represents a failure of our national dialogue.
So fix it, dear reader, and vote third party. Then maybe we can get leaders who stop focusing on wining an argument and actually focus on fixing our problems. If not, you might as well vote for Kang

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2 Responses to Reap what ye hath sown America

  1. Jason says:

    The shut down is a good thing.

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