Last night I played a gig with my all veterans band. They were great . 2 of the performers the drummer and the other singer never performed live before . There was about 200 people there and we did cover songs like Proud Mary , simple kind of man , and I sang Roadhouse blues . It was a great experience. The Look on the veterans faces when the crowd was cheering was amazing. I hope we can do it again together sometime. Today we had our advertising week Veterans Job Fair. the attendance was a bit lite but the ones that were there felt like they learn something and some actually got job offers. I guess it’s not about the numbers  but how effective it was. Sorry to be so serious but getting veterans jobs and help them re enter the civilian world should be important to all of us besides are editor is off getting drunk and making a fool of himself in a far far away country. This was an opportunity me to show that I should be the new editor and star of broadcast news. Thank you all and as a famous poet once said eat me

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