MUTOD: Paul’s Drinking Games

Last Friday in my office I had a printout on my desk.  The printout was created and sent to me by Paul.

Sure enough everyone who walked into my office asked about it:

And now you too can play.  You're welcome.

You’re welcome.

My reply?  “It’s for a drinking game.  Yo Joe!”

There was only one other time I played this drinking game with Paul back in college.  I don’t remember much about that night.  I remember hopping to a few bars, and one of them was having Goth theme night because it was a Thursday night with fuck-all to do while everyone else was away on spring break (WOOOO!).

This time I made a mental note to check in with Paul after each episode and try to have some sort of documentation.  Here is what followed:

The Briefest Moment of Sobriety

The Briefest Moment of Sobriety

For those of you who scoffed at the rules — shame on you — and more importantly, have you ever seen the intro for G.I. Joe?

Remember, every time “G.I. Joe” or “Cobra” is spoken.  Re-watch that right now and count it, along with the punches to the face and exploding vehicles.

Here was the check in after the first (?) episode.

I honestly lost track.

And many beers later with one more episode to go, here was the last check in.

It was kind of irritating to record ourselves more than once, but nice to get a little breather…


…besides, you’re my bro, blog, and I did it just for you:

By the next day the statistics were that between the five of us we had all had polished off about 32 cans of beer.  Next time I vote for hot wings…also next time I’ll eat dinner before.

Fingers crossed that Paul does make a drinking game for Red October.

For America.

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4 Responses to MUTOD: Paul’s Drinking Games

  1. Paul says:

    32 cans, 5 bottles, and 5 bottles of cider.

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