MUTOD: A GIF-Tastic Anniversary

Sup bros, and broettes.  Sis’s?  What the hell do we call you, Jean Louise?

This Sunday marks our 52nd episode, so to create some hype I’ve decided to celebrate with my weekly MUTOD and pat ourselves on the back for all the awesomeness that we are.

Warning:  You may want to grab yourself a beer or something beforehand, as some of these animated gifs may take a while to load.  Paul and I are going to watch some GI Joe and drink every time someone says “Joe” or “Cobra,” so we can wait until you get back.

(Retroactively Uploaded Photo Here)

Cool, you back?

On September 23rd, 2012 we shot our first episode of BroCast News.  For fifteen minutes with no graphics, no rehearsal, and no script we covered Benghazi, the presidential debate between Romney and Obama, the debt ceiling, the economy, Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, and why we wish George Lucas had been shot.  Ha-ha, context.

We also mentioned Syria for the first time…obviously, which has become a staple of our show ever since.

Then we wrapped with this:


A successful show — in our eyes.  And, of course, a sign of things to come.

Things like uncomfortable silences:


Or times where we’d said the same thing:


Which included uncomfortable silences

Or times where we waited for each other to bring up the next topic, or some witty response…


But we brought new additions to the table,  like Paul creatively finding ways to get rid of his notes:


This is the “Laugh Throw”


This means “We haven’t eaten yet.”

We added a second camera…and then killed it later:


RIP, You Awfully Pixelated Thing

We learned that if you host the show alone, 1) zombies will come for you.  And 2) You must:


And even though they weren’t the most original jokes, it’s still good fun to rip on another cable news channel’s shortcomings…


We learned that when we host the shows alone, 3) We have some really good reactions:

You'll see this one again.

You’ll see this one again.


But time marched on, and we learned that sometime we’d said the same thing…and it was funny:

Hope you can't read lips

Hope you can’t read lips

And it is always gun fun to have props:


Except when they backfire…on yours truly….


But during the summer we’ll sit in sweat for you.  But it’s cool — we have a fan…

AKA The creative way Eric discards his notes

AKA The creative way Eric discards his notes

And as long as you keep listening and looking….


…Then it is totally worth it, because in the end of each episode it’s all about being Bros and reporting the news:


And as for that first gif…we keep it in shot.  And…


…we still do that.

Here’s Paul waving good-bye, because this MUTOD is over.  Let the celebration begin!


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