What The

So someone posted on my day.  Well Excuse Me! At first I was appalled then I realized it was my protege Lee. Still a bit unsettling.  Today is a day to forgive but as the saying goes. WE WILL NEVER FORGET. I was on an AA flight 103 from London half way over the Atlantic. We were only told that we would we landing in St.Johns Newfoundland due to air traffic control problems. When we landed I saw 10 or more large aircraft lined up on the cross runway. We spent about 12 hours in the plane before we could get off and we were escorted by the Canadian Army through a security,, checkpoint then a bus to a hockey arena to sleep on blankets on the floor. We only found out what happened the next morning on the big screen in the arena.  We were silent and watched in disbelief.  My city, my family under an attack and I am in another country. I was unable to be with them at such a frightening time. A day that changed the world.

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