The Pretentious Corner: The Breaking Bad Sort-Of-Live Blog – S05E13 – “To’hajilee”

Inspirational Lubricant Du Jour: Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale (Thanks, Jean Louise!)

Let’s start with some facts:

1) The name of this episode is also the name of an Indian Reservation in New Mexico. Coincidence? Probably.

2) The description for this episode says “Things heat up for Walt.” I really appreciate the efforts of TV programmers not to spoil anything these days. I’m hoping that someday soon the summary for every episode of some show is just going to be “Stuff happens.” And then “Some more stuff happens.” That would compel me for sure.

3) The Patriots won ugly today and Giants have turned the ball over 3 times in the first six minutes of their game against the Cowboys. Life is good.

4) Faith Hill’s version of the “Sunday Night Football” Theme is thus far vastly superior to Carrie Underwood’s. Faith still has the title belt. And the legs-for-days belt.

And now? Breaking Bad! Jesse’s “coming for” Walt where he “really” lives and Psycho-Todd is on the loose again. Let’s get Native American, peeps!

9.00 – I wonder if we’ll get out first death in this episode. The timing seems right.

9.01 – I think that death might be Todd. There’s no way that guy lives. At all.

9.04 – “You burned it. Like a cake.” I love the way that Todd is kind of the anti-Jesse. Seemingly pure in attitude, overtly kind-seeming, but a total maniac on the inside. Jesse seems like a maniac but it ultimately sweet. Dichotomy! The kicker is that Todd’s name in real life – is Jesse! #mindblown

9.05 – Me thinks Todd #wanttotouchthehiney

9.07 – The Todd characterization is just brilliant. By virtue of his seeming virtue and inner monster he is completely unpredictable at all times. He is the ridiculous suspense of this show personified. Totally crazy.

9.09 – (Meanwhile, Tony Romo is doing his best to prove that HE is the worst QB on the field tonight godamnit.)

9.11 – Brains! BRAAAAAAINS! Is this The Waltking Dead? (!)

9.14 – Michelle MacLaren! One of my favorite BB directors. Haha! Jesse brains.

9.15 – I hope I’m not having to write “Jesse brains” again later, with tears and remorse instead of jest.

9.16 – I love bullshitting version of Hank. He’s such a fun Hank.

9.23 – Brock’s back! This would be the “smoking” technique presumably.

9.28 – Degree of posting has slowed. I’m too enthralled. It’s like chess! Horrible, meth-head, drug Kingpin chess.

9.36 – Haha! “Don’t drink and drive but if you do call me.” Now that’s a slogan.

9.37 – One of my favorite things about this show is the way that the backdrop is so normal (Rural New Mexico) and the drama is so HIGH.

9.38 – THIS is a ploy. They know it’s in barrels. They don’t know where it is. They staged it. They are following him. So clever!

9.39 – Walt. Gettin’. Played. They’re tracking his GPS. LOVE IT.

9.40 – The “BITCH” quotient is fortunately WAY back up there! Woo-hoo!

9.41 – Ooooooh. Walt copping to Brock! And all kinds of everything else. I bet they’re recoooooording. Shit. Gettin’. Real.

9.42 – Deep breaths. Hee. hee. hoo. Hee. Hee. hoo.

9.43 – Big win for the “Bitch” quota.

9.44 – Turning and turning in the widening gyre… the center cannot hold…

9.45 – The fact that this episode is named after the Indian Reservation suggests that this has Wild Bunch potential. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.

9.51 – I kind of feel like Gomey’s done for. And maybe Todd. Someone’s not getting out of here alive. And I think Todd and Co. are coming anyway.

9.52 – … gulp …

9.53 – I’ll check in again at the end. Can’t type.

9.58 – Oh, God. Hank just delivered that line like a dead man.

10.01 – fioewuifheirwhuirehwuverti;nrtow;hnui


Until next week. If I’m not dead.

P.D. Montgomery


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P.D. Montgomery writes a weekly column for BroCast News on all things pretentious. His interests include tweed, wool ties and Basil Hayden's - which is better than whatever bourbon you like.
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  2. Paul says:

    Fioewuifheirwhuirehwuverti;nrtow;hnui indeed, my friend.

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