The Pretentious Corner: The Breaking Bad Sort-Of-Live Blog – S05E12 – “Rabid Dog”

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Fellow Methfaces – here we go again. I’m especially excited for this episode because it’s called “Rabid Dog”. Also, I have a special guest viewer – my dear friend who for lack of a better term we shall call Burten:

Walter White circa Season 43.

Walter White circa Season 43.

When we last left our heroes , Aaron Paul was impressing everyone with his mad acting/pyro skeelz, Walt was getting a “soda” and the shit was one stop closer to the proverbial fan.

If only this were the fan it’s headed for. Sigh.


9.00 PM – Fantastic opening shot. Vince loves car comedy.

9.01 -It’s amazing how menacing those generic looking Southwestern stucco houses can look. Not to mention plaid drapes.

9.03 – Despite all that Walt has done he still can’t convincingly pull off armed menace. Love that.

9.07 – Such fun camera work! I wonder what Gilligan’s going to do next. At this point, by the way, I’m assuming the title of the episode refers to Jesse. We’ll see.

9:10 – More undies. Maybe Gilligan will do a live action Captain Underpants adaptation next.

9.11 – I have no idea what he’s planning here.

9.13 – No one’s buying it. Not even Holly is buying it. Heh. Groin.

9.14 – Flynn is not buying it. And in so doing has given him a much more credible story. Lucky break.

9.16 – Why do we think Saul and Co. are still helping out Walt? Beckon call and such. Obviously he’s on the payroll but… professional hazard much?

9.17 – Saul’s phrasing! Love that guy. “Old Yeller type situation.”

9.18 – So deadpan. So funny.

9.19 – Is there anywhere Vince Gilligan won’t put a camera? #dontanswerthatquestion

9.20 – He got upset over this…. time I poisoned a child  thing I did. He’s a little over sensitive.

9.21 – Walt has got to be Captain of the False Sense of Security All-Stars. The degree of hubris with which he operates is crazy. Thinking he can talk his way out of everything, “make him see reason”, consistently avoid the big, world-ending bad. With each passing episode his hubris grows and the more I think his comeuppance is going to be apocalyptic. The best part is that Skyler is TOTALLY UTTERLY CORRECT. It’s remarkable.

9.23 – Skyler. Stone Cold. Resigned. Broken. Lost. Yeeeeezus.

9.27 – And now: from Jesse’s perspective!

9.28 – Whoa! Hank’d.

9.29 – Jesse saying eeeeverything we all want to.

9.31 – “To be this wrong about someone, this off” – a fear we all have that most of us don’t know we have.

9.32 – Marie’s right about everything of course, but she’s got some serious paws for that baby. #babygrabber

9.36 – “I’ll heat up lasagna.”

9.37 – Burten would like to contribute: “How crazy was last week’s episode of Low Winter Sun?!?!?!” – said no one ever.”

9.40 – By the way, AMC – saving a not-in-any-way-interesting preview of next week’s episode of BB for the second commercial in LWS is basically admitting defeat. It’s the TV equivalent of Sal Albanese whining “I get to talk too!” like a petulant child during the NYC Mayoral Debate. If you have to save previews of the show people love for the middle of a show people hate, you’re acknowledging that the second show is horrible. And if you have to, at any point, in public utter the phrase “I get to talk too!” – you don’t get to be Mayor.

“I r can haz Grazie Mansion!”

9.43 – Flynn hugs. Making me weep.

9.44 – Point of information: it’s been far too long since we’ve had a “Yeah, bitch.”

9.45 – I will accept Hank drinking out of a mug that says “Yeah, bitch.”

9.46 – Might be the first time Jesse’s called him “Walter White.” The “He was my teacher” line slayed me.

9.48 – SHOWDOWN time.

9.49 – “Your plan is to do his plan?!” So many lulz.

9.50 – More lulz.

9.51 – The writing is SOOOOOOOO good. Ugh. It’s not fair.

9.52 – Holy shit. Point of no return for Hank?

9.55 – This can’t be how Jesse goes out. And I doubt he’s going out. But this feels like a cliffhanger comin’ fo’ sho’.

9.58 – It’s like an anti-Sorking walk-n-talk! #walkandscreamorweep


10:01 – “A better way.” Family?

10:02 – TODD Time. The most scariest time. Of all times.


Next week is the preantepenultimate episode, Burten reminds me. See y’all then.

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