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Episode 54


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The Pretentious Corner: The Breaking Bad Sort-Of-Live Blog – S05E16 – “Felina”

Inspirational Lubricant Du Jour: None. Too scared. I’m sure I’ll be drinking something come 9.00 PM this evening, but I can’t do anything right now other than be terrified about what’s coming tonight. Instead of focusing on my crippling babyish … Continue reading

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My Adventure Down Undah: A Photo Diary

Ok, so apparently Eric wanted me to post on his normal day (yesterday) and thought that I would notice his hinting towards that in his brief contribution, despite the fact that I spent twenty hours of said day on an … Continue reading

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MUTOD: This Week

I’m writing this as documentation.  For this week there was no post from Paul on Thursday.  Only a mere draft. And now, I sacrifice my normal day of Friday, and the blog post I had written so thoroughly and so … Continue reading

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Last night I played a gig with my all veterans band. They were great . 2 of the performers the drummer and the other singer never performed live before . There was about 200 people there and we did cover … Continue reading

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While the editor is away the bloggers will play

Listen Paul, we all know you paid for your down under excursion with all that sweet, sweet blog money. Now watch me mail it in: And I will continue mailing it in until you send me my residuals check. Send … Continue reading

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Episode 53

A lot of bad stuff happened this past week.  And I hate reporting bad stuff.  God damn it, Paul.

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