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Bloomberg should stay in his ivory subway car

A federal judge struck down stop and frisk. This is a good thing because the law is either (A) Very racist (Just ask Officer Schoolcraft) (B) A violation of civil liberties (Fourth amendment y’all) (C) Not worth the resources it … Continue reading

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Episode 47

Special guest hosts Victor “Sully” Sullivan and Nathan Drake take you on a thrilling adventure of current events! Swashbuckle your way through the start of Fort Hood Shooter trial and search for the lost treasure of the tragedy of the … Continue reading

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The Pretentious Corner: The Breaking Bad Sort-of-Live Blog – S05E9 – “Blood Money”

Inspirational Lubricant Du Jour: Russell’s Reserve Small Batch 10-Year Alright, men. It’s a big day in the Bro-World. Bro’s everywhere are preparing themselves for the beginning of the end with FX’s all-time great show Breaking Bad. My esteemed colleague Eric … Continue reading

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MUTOD: “Heisenberg”

Now that Paul’s post has scarred me for life I’ve lost track of what I was initially going to write about today. So let’s talk about Breaking Bad, because if you haven’t been watching this, fuck you. And if you’re … Continue reading

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If You Want a Picture of the Future…

Imagine there being so many dance/talent shows on television that every single person in America is a contestant on one – forever. Imagine Taylor Swift getting dumped but instead of writing another generic pop-country song, she tears the man’s throat … Continue reading

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The Unsinkable Tommy Moon

I recently received the following email from my alleged biological father and the current runner-up for “Craziest Old Man of BroCast.” So I guess this is his post for today: “Dear Editor from Hell. Unlike yourself I am working today … Continue reading

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The Top 5 reasons I should probably be fired

You may not have noticed this, dear reader, but I am an irresponsible blogger. I miss deadlines, have an inconsistent voice, and I just generally don’t understand blogging. Also, I work on Tuesdays. Am I the worst thing about this … Continue reading

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