Tommy Moon and the Temple of Doom

Blah blah my dad’s old, you get the drill. Roll it!

“Still cant get onto this stupid blog but it’s the underage editors problem. Rough day in the news, nothing new. The Mayor race here is full of whimps, the Yanks are defending AROD, the Red Sox are throwing at him instead of ignoring him and beating him. The Middle East is a mess. Why read the papers or watch the news,or sports. One good reason is sports radio. I couldn’t get through yesterday to vent so here goes. On FAN Carton said that Yankee Fans, all fans, just want to win . So if someone cheats, like A ROD or Braun or who ever the fuck, then they help us win we are all cool and forgive them. What the fuck is he saying. So we love Lance because he won . We love Wall Street because they won. We love all the East German Olympic Teams because they won. Bull shit. I love the Yanks but I would rather lose with Derek Jeter than win with a cheat. I would rather loose with Boomer at QB than win with a cheater. What happened to winning isnt everything it’s how you play the game. I’ll tell you what happened , MONEY, TV, Radio talk shows , sports gambling. It ain’t about the game it’s about ME and Winning. Nice lesson to teach future athletes . Nice lesson to teach a generation. WIN no matter what it fuckin takes . What the fuck happened to the 60s. We sold out. I hope the cheats go 0 for 50. If we lose so be it. We lose playing the game by the RULES. It’s called SPORTSMANSHIP. EAT ME. “

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By reading this blog, you legally forfeit your right to cry, eat tofu, or watch movies where people kiss in the rain and sh*t!
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