Tommy Moon Strikes Back

All right you old bastard, what’s your excuse for why you couldn’t post on your own this time, hmm? What’s that? Because my mom broke her wrist? Well fuck.

“Hey Troops,  Sorry I’m later than usual but my vacation was interrupted with an injury to my beautiful wife. We were playing tennis and she went to return one of my famous passing shots and went down like she was shot. The next day it was the color or Rocky Balboas mug after Appolo Creed worked it over. Not funny so off ro the local  doc then today back into NYC for a big time Doctor to declare it was, is , broken. The point of this is that excercise is way over fuckin rated. Shit happens when you get off the couch. I know, I know, that makes for a boring dull life but less fuckin painful. My foot still hurts from some dumb shit I did over 40 years ago. The good  news is both hospitals were great and my wife is a trooper. The Yanks are winning thanks to Gardner and Soriano, remember him, he is the guy we trade for Mr. LOOK AT ME  nine years ago. God just make him go away. The fans did not take my advice and ignor A Rod. They cheered and Booed, which is lukewarm like him so I guess it’s cool. OK I’m done. Eat me.”

I don’t know what the “dumb shit” he did forty years ago was, but for him to call it that, it must have been pretty goddamn dumb. Feel better, mom!

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By reading this blog, you legally forfeit your right to cry, eat tofu, or watch movies where people kiss in the rain and sh*t!
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1 Response to Tommy Moon Strikes Back

  1. Jim Cooney says:

    I know what he did 40 years ago.

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