Bloomberg should stay in his ivory subway car

A federal judge struck down stop and frisk. This is a good thing because the law is either (A) Very racist (Just ask Officer Schoolcraft)

(B) A violation of civil liberties (Fourth amendment y’all)

(C) Not worth the resources it consumes (82.5% of stops don’t result in an arrest, and how many of those arrests are for little things like pot? Look it up for yourself, I’m tired)


(D) All of the above.

Bloomberg”s response to this horrible law being struck down, was a measured, rational, indirect threat to your children:

“This is a dangerous decision made by a judge who I think does not understand how policing works and what is compliant with the US Constitution as determined by the Supreme Court, I worry for my kids, and I worry for your kids. I worry for you and I worry for me. Crime can come back any time the criminals think they can get away with things.”

Mr. Bloomberg, I can assure you Georgina and Emma are perfectly safe, and I strongly doubt they will be riding their dressage horses through Bedford Stuyvesant anytime soon, so Stop and Frisk won’t do anything to keep her safe. And as for you, Mike, You have to actually RIDE the subway to justify your fear of getting mugged on it. And if the subways get really bad you can just ride with your gang:

OH MAAAYYYOOOOOOR! Come out to Plaaaayy!

OH MAAAYYYOOOOOOR! Come out to Plaaaayy!

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