MUTOD: “Heisenberg”

Now that Paul’s post has scarred me for life I’ve lost track of what I was initially going to write about today.

So let’s talk about Breaking Bad, because if you haven’t been watching this, fuck you.

And if you’re one of the millions of people I’ve recommended this to, and still aren’t watching it, fuck you.

And if you’re one of those millions of people who go by the mindset that “Anyone who tells me that I have to watch a show makes me delay watching it even more,” then still, fuck you.

Having said that, I’m still only about five episodes into The Wire, so fuck me.

Walter White Website

Subtle Transition.  Terrible Image Placement.

Anyway, let’s begin, because Breaking Bad’s last half of its final season starts on Sunday…and *goddamn* am I excited about it.

I cannot watch Paul play through The Last of Us and expect him to enjoy the story the same ways I did, or show you a movie and expect you to register it and see the same things I saw, so when I say “you should watch Breaking Bad,” I don’t mean to overhype it like everyone does with everything (seriously, what is so great about cronuts?) and instead just try to recommend a show that actually tries to do a good job, as opposed to milking seasons out so that a bunch of terribly moron people can continue to be stuck under a dome*, or the power could go back on through MacGuffins aplenty, or the railroad will get built amidst Inception-levels of racial tensions.

Breaking Bad has an endgame.  It has always been about two guys who set out to make more money, but then got way in over their heads.  It’s a slow burn, I’ll admit it, but I’ve found it to be a show that isn’t trying to trick me into sticking with the show.  There’s no ridiculous stunt casting, or millions of mysterious questions that I know they’ll answer.  It is a show that is grounded (enough) in reality that you never find yourself facepalming.

More like this

More like this

To talk plots and characters would be spoilery, and I won’t because 1) I’m getting carpal tunnel, and 2) I honestly don’t want to talk about the show with you, because my discovery of it was different:

I heard people liked this show, and one day out of boredom I started watching.  And within three or four episodes I immediately recommended this to my folks who were in town that day.  Another some-#episode-marathon ensued.

I discovered this show without anyone recommending this to me directly.  Is it weird to be proud of that?

* Probably no surprise that Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris is the only reason worth watching that show.

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  1. Paul says:

    You’re welcome.

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