The Top 5 reasons I should probably be fired

You may not have noticed this, dear reader, but I am an irresponsible blogger. I miss deadlines, have an inconsistent voice, and I just generally don’t understand blogging. Also, I work on Tuesdays. Am I the worst thing about this blog? No. We all know the worst thing about BroCast is our comments section. so without further adieu I present the top five reasons I should get canned:

1) I don’t understand the difference between “ado” and “adieu” as demonstrated above.

2) I have some serious issues with the editorial direction of this blog, I personally love citibike, and in no way do I believe that Superman is a terrorist.

Sometimes vehicular manslaughter is a-okay.

Sometimes vehicular manslaughter is a-okay.

3) I don’t approve of (REDACTED)’s bohemian lifestyle. He’s been dating too much. Sign up for J-date and find yourself a nice girl, a real keeper, a shayner.

File photo of REDACTED on a date.

File photo of (REDACTED) on a date.

4) I have zero journalistic integrity, as evidenced by my redacting a certain sensitive journalist’s name.

It was Bob Woodward he was talking about.

Pictured:  symbolic journalistic integrity. And Dustin Hoffman.

5) I’m too busy to keep up with the news. I didn’t even know John Liu didn’t get matching funds, and that has a real world impact on my day “job”

John Liu...?

John Liu…?

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This blog is a court ordered thing, only 78 weeks and I'm out of here!
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2 Responses to The Top 5 reasons I should probably be fired

  1. tom says:

    Your right about your day job but at least you have one unlike Prof Patriot who is off more than on like his writung. You need to stay on because you write from the hip not your notes. Day to day stuff. Your not boring which is a good thing but you do need to get out more. Eat me. THE REAL TOM. NAM

  2. tom says:

    Forget the U in writing its the ancient spelling. Its these tiny fuckin keys that Jobs left us with.

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