I’m striking for the day because I said so.  No wieners, no trains, no riots.

“No nothing, Jon Snow.”

Monday is my 27th birthday and Monday is a stupid day for a birthday so I’m having it today.  Maybe again tomorrow.

The only critical thinking that happened here today was when I tried to get beer into my mouth while doing this:

Step 1: Pile things on to your scary, ancient face.

Don’t worry, I made it happen.  Looks like this could be my year.

Very happy weekend to you and to my wittle baby twin brother P.D. Montgomery who gets to be younger than me by two minutes forever.

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3 Responses to Because.

  1. tommooneyfilms says:

    He’s younger and dumber. And not nearly are cute.

  2. tommooneyfilms says:

    As cute. I hate this thing and our editor El Pablo Danger

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