baseball again

Here we go again. Just when you think its just good clean fun these guys just can’t play by the rules. So do we change the rules and just let the games begin. So far we have wasted millions of tax payers money on commissions investigating players of a game cheating. i guess this is more important than say a fuckin endless war. OK but are they cheating? Every one was having fun as the Balloon Heads of the 80s were hitting homers . We also saw pitchers over 40 throw over 90. And what did we do we filled the stadiums and cheered our fucking heads off. So whats different now?  They made it illegal .What is illegal. Every day there is a new power drug to make me hit and throw faster and harder. The League can’t keep up. They are spending more money trying to catch these guys than on saving Detroit. I am beginning not to give a shit. I know its not good example for the kids, but as Charles once said  I AM NOT A ROLE MODEL. If its all about winning then its every man for himself. You hit homers and win games you get the big money and thats all the sports writers talk about. Its his contract year coming up so every at bat and hit could mean more money. Real team spirit, great role model. Winning is everything. Who am I to bitch I want my team to win just like everybody else. At all cost. Didn’t King George buy championships while i smiled. YES . So whats the big fuckin deal. Lets just let them go nuts and call this the Juiced Era of baseball. New records, new stats, new bigger hats, new injuries, new radar guns and new reality for the kids. These people are entertainers, gladiators. Its fun but they are not role models. Your Mom and Dad are, I hope. Eat Me  ps   Go away AROD

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