whats wrong with people

OK Its hot in NYC. Maybe 95 96 so get over it . People just use it as another excuse to be grumpy and rude. Can one of you explain when you say hi to someone they just ignore you like you were not there. How about you hold a door and the jerk walks through it and no recognition that it happened, or better yet like they just expect it. How about the guy doing 80 in the pouring rain and passing cars like Jeff Gordon. They live in their own alternative universe. Yeah I know I should just let it go and move on, well fuck that, someone has to call them on it. It is unfortunately me. The older I get the worse they get or I get. We need to put them all in a place that they will have only each other to annoy . Florida or Texas. Speaking of Texas Rick Perry may run again in the endless   Presidential Race. Lets all hope so purely for the entertainment value. Imagine him and Hillary having a debate . Thats like Steven Tyler and Paul McCartney having a sing off, Jesus. I will leave the news to our lead guys Mutt and Jeff but one little one. Sneaking old weapons through the Panama Canal. Nice try. The best thing to come from Panama is Mariano Rivera. The greatest closer in the HISTORY OF BASEBALL. The best at his job in history. More rings then all of RED SOX Nation. Hello Hall of Fame. We have just a few more months to watch him play the game. Take the time and watch the end of some Yankee games through October. You will be part of Baseball History. I will make it a little easier dealing with the morons .  Eat Me

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2 Responses to whats wrong with people

  1. Eric says:

    Why don’t you ever hold the door for me, Tommy? WHY?!

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