Everything’s Bigger in Tampax

People, I had to work all day on a Saturday.  The humanity.  On with it.

In today’s edition of events-that-concern-womb-bearers (isn’t that why I’m here?), Texas continues to be an embarrassment.  I know, y’all can’t believe it.

Remember this? Yesterday, as predicted, the Texas senate passed Senate Bill 1, nearly identical in medieval-minded abortion measures to Senate Bill 5- killed just 19 days ago.  At its shiniest SB1 requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, requires abortion-providing clinics to be certified surgical centers, dictates when abortion pills can be taken, and bans abortions after 20 weeks.  Thirty-five of the state’s forty-two abortion-providing clinics do not meet these regulations and will be expected to close.

Could it get any better?  Oh y’all.  In response to rumors that protestors would throw tampons and maxi pads at republican senators when, inevitably, they voted to pass SB1, these items were confiscated by security officers.

“I’m told they come in different shapes and sizes. If it looks like it could sop up lady juice, you take it.”

This is how fearful these men are.  Afraid of women who demand their rights, of good science, good medicine, and anything else that rejects their religious ideology and threatens their power.  They’ll take the clinics and silence the protest.  They’ll take the tampons because they’re scared of those too.

Their reach goes further yet.  This bit’s like the Magic School Bus, except rapey.  Texas has a separate law that requires all women seeking abortions to have an invasive ultrasound, even if they don’t want one.  That means they can put this thing inside a woman:

Against her will.  Because it’s the law!  Ha ha who’s nauseous!

The Lone Star State has friends.  Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin have all recently passed stricter abortion laws. For law-makers who find it acceptable to debate this issue with religious ideology and fantastical “science”, here is a fact: In all states with this type of legislation, women will suffer.

(While we’re on the subject of defending women, I have to add, belatedly: Eric, my little brother is right.  Your Ginny Weasley criticisms are strange and indefensible. Expelliarmus!)

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1 Response to Everything’s Bigger in Tampax

  1. Paul says:

    That ultrasound thing looks like the most horrific thing to go inside a woman in Texas since the last time I was in Dallas.

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