OK,  Sorry I am late but it always takes me a half hour to log in to this secure  web blog\site, whatever. I know the editor El Capitan and some of the other writers, you know who you are, want to keep my voice silent. Well it aint happening. Where is the device I can talk into and make this happen. Enough, today I worked a long one. 8 AM call at a location in Queens, then drive to Staten Island, thats what I said, then Brooklyn and finally back to civilization. the glamorous film business. it was 100 degrees in the shade much less some dumb subway stop in the very HIP part of Brooklyn. I haven’t  seen a group of people trying so hard to be cool since CBGBs and the Punks who lived home with their MOMA.Dear Andy Warhol and his, if you just say your an artist you are one. what a fucking bombastic concept. Enough, the big news of NYC is that Elliot Spitzer is back in the running. all the press is up in arms. Give it a rest. Everyone deserves a second chance. We have enough bible thumping hypocrites in politics to fill  Washington. How about we all just back off and let the public decide. What a great concept. Its called an election. Funny how Wall Street is so upset. Yeah they set such a high standard of ethics we should all live by. Whats mine is mine and whats yours is mine to gamble with. the old WIN WIN. Enough let the man run. it could be worse this could be South Carolina. Eat me. 

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