now what?

I woke up bored and then came todays paper, which only made it worse. Football player arrested for murder and he is not on the Ravens. Supreme Court is not so Supreme again. They once again, like congress, voted 5 to 4 according to party affiliation . Oh right they are not politicians they are unbiased judges. BS just like NBA Refs who don’t  favor the home team crowd on foul calls. How can these brilliant minds come to the same conclusion as the others in the same order 90% of the time. Lets just have two Justices from each side and then the tie breaking vote goes to the people .Nah, why trust the people . Next we are cutting 80000 from the US Army due to budget cuts. OK, i get that. But guess where we are cutting them? HERE in the good old USA. Not is all the countries around the world where we pick up the slack for their non existing Military budget like Japan. Not in far away places where they hate us. Not in countries where the UN has forces. No here where it will hurt the towns and  cities that rely on the troops for their economy . Not where they can protect us from any foreign radical group. Here where they can help secure our airports, seaports,and borders. Here where they can assist in natural disasters. Here where they can help local police in times of attacks from within like Boston. If i recall correctly this is the UNITED STATES ARMY.   Not the Police Force of The World. Yeah I know i sound like an isolationist, big word for me, well guess what its about fuckin time we tried it. This game plan aint working. lets take care of OUR HOUSE.  Eat Me

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