Yeah, I finally made it. i am posting

Yeah, I finally made it. i am posting myself. Who gives a shit you may ask and i feel the same way. i hope the government is spending big bucks and waisting some top agent reading my dribble. At least its better than some of the other crap out there. Enough, big day the Taliban wants to make nice nice with Afghanistan and us. Good new right, wrong, the Afghanistan government,what government, says not today. Why should they ,you ask, because their Army will fold like a cheap suitcase once we are back in the USA and they have to go it alone. anyone remember the South Vietnamese Army after we said BYE BYE. They made a play out of that one. This could be a fuckin mini series directed by James Cameron. now they bwant to play tough guy. its a bite late my man. sit the fuck down and try and work this out. You got no good cards. We left with the deck. I guess this is the last big bluff before the top leaders in Afghanistan leave for some latin country with all the cash. i fell like Ive seen this movie before. you know the ending the people left behind get fucked and start all over. sit down and shut up. Shit I just realized the dumb editor of this rag won’t be able to correct all my mistakes . Fuck this is a disaster. like a Mets game. Oh yeah to the bozo from Las Vegas who called me out . Meet me in Central Park at midnight and bring the Constitution. Eat me

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2 Responses to Yeah, I finally made it. i am posting

  1. Jason says:

    I’ll be there.

  2. tommooneyfilms says:

    How are you man. Miss ya ugly face.

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