Tommy Moon Goes On

All right, fuck it. I give up. I can’t teach this guy how to internet. Swear to Christ, it’s like trying to teach an iguana to drive a car. Anyway, here’s the crazy shit my dad has to say today. It’s all about guns or something and a bunch of words are in all caps. Enjoy.

Good Morning Vietnam! Back in the papers. This time the war is on bad fast food not a bad fast Secretary Of Defense. Unfortunately some people are getting sick and worse. Ah capitalism, almost. The freedom to put whatever in your mouth does have its consequences. They need Bloomberg. Speaking of The Mayor, good for him. He puts his money where his mouth is, and it ain’t fast food.  It’s anti guns without a background check. Simple you can have your machine guns and tanks for hunting and protection from the other guys with their tanks, just need to fill out some paper work and bingo you’re a fuckin’ minute man. No way you say, it’s  against the second amendment. Right that amendment that was used to form a militia, because we had no standing Army after the Revolution. Get it, you kept your weapon because you were in the RESERVES, get it, you were on call to pick it up and lock and load ONE round and hit the dusty trail when those caissons go rolling along.  That correct buckaroos, you’re in the ARMY now. So say you are right about our great Constitution being followed. So in the name of our great country get your fat ass down to the your local recruiter and put your John Hancock on the dotted line. They may ask some question but I know you won’t mind because you are a good citizen. So let’s do it. Just think all these well-trained gun owners in the reserve and when there is a conflict somewhere around the world off they go fully equipped. Let’s stop taking sides on this issue and join together and honor and abide by the letter of the law. I believe in our second amendment and the obligation that goes with it.  I, my son, and my father in law all served in the military during combat and even though none of us own a gun, we are willing to serve again when needed just as I’m sure all NRA members are as well. Enough with the BS let’s stand and volunteer.  Spec 5 TJ Mooney US Army 101AB Nam 67/68. Oh yeah, Eat me.

1975. My dad is the one on the far right. And now you know why I turned out the way I did. And knowing is half the battle.

1975. My dad is the one on the far right. And now you know why I turned out the way I did. And knowing is half the battle.

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2 Responses to Tommy Moon Goes On

  1. Jason Weinman says:

    The purpose of the militia was to protect the country from both foreign governments AND our own government. It’s supposed to be a check on government power, not a part of it, which is why the US had no standing Army at the time (and why we shouldn’t have one now). So it’s really important that the government not be the ones to determine what constitutes a “well regulated militia,” including by way of background checks, or by deciding what weaponry the citizenry is entitled to own. If you and Paul are willing to serve your country again than suit up, because the biggest threat to American freedom in the 21st century is the Federal government.

    As an aside, even if it were true that fast food is unusually unhealthy (which it is not), than that should be its own consequence. Government controls like those in New York which restrict that freedom make people’s lives worse, not better, and do so at tremendous additional expense to taxpayers, consumers, and the broader economy.

  2. tommooneyfilms says:

    First of all why would anyone listen to any raving socialist from Las Vegas. When you finally leave the stiletto lounge and wake up in a dumpster pull your head out of your skinny ass and stop being so fuckin paranoid. Whose gonna lead this place any better than the morons in power. Its all a front for the money guys who pull the strings of our elected bozos but a bunch of redneck meatheads and spaced out hippies found get their shit together to run a gas station. Stand down my man. NAM. PS: Eat me.

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