Still More Tommy Moon

This weekend I will finally try and teach my father to INTERNET. He’ll either be blogging on his own next week, or I’ll collect my sizable inheritance trying! Until then, here is what the man has to say:


OK so I fuckin late, who cares.All your bored readers that’s who. After reading the crap so far this week I’m bored.  So in case you care, I late because unlike the other writers of this so called blog, I work. That’s right buckaroos a real jobby that took me out. Stuck in a dark editing suite with some geeks trying to color correct beautiful spots that didn’t need it. It’s called making work. Then I also am moving tomorrow. Great fun. You know the feeling. All our friends are hiding in case we ask for help, which I don’t do , I just pay through the nose to have the movers pack my stuff. The stuff we have been moving for 30 years and still don’t use or have any idea what it is. George Carlin did a great bit about stuff. Anyway I’m busy so I forgot or didn’t really give a shit about writing to both my readers. A Rod continues to not get what being a person is so he is ready to run for the Senate. NJ won’t give their Governor a break. Come on guys at least he is his own man, not some party BS artist. I don’t agree with some of his politics, but he has a point of view. That’s about it I am now surrounded by four beautiful woman packing my wife’s and my stuff. Im being distracted , as usual. Moving sucks. It takes me out of my comfort zone which gets smaller as we get older. I promise not to be late next week and be more focused in my writing. NAH, Bull Shit, when I’m ready I will send it. Have a great day, Gen TJ MOONEY NAM.  Ps   Eat Me


I used to keep this photo I believed was of my dad along with ones of the rest of my family on my desk in Afghanistan. Then somebody told me that it’s Miami Heat team president and former coach Pat Riley. I’m not convinced either way.

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By reading this blog, you legally forfeit your right to cry, eat tofu, or watch movies where people kiss in the rain and sh*t!
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