I’m bad at the internet

First things first: I thought today was Tuesday. This is not the first time I’ve lost track of what day of the week it is, and if you asked me what month it is I’d have a 50/50 shot. I’d probably just say “ju…n…ly?” to hedge my bet. I was so confused when paul yelled at me to blog yesterday too.

his bark is worse than his byte

Nobody gets angry when Dogs don’t know what day of the week it is.


Onto blog business. Is our new blogger, Jean Louise, hot? Right now she is as mysterious as this inexplicably sexy Carmen San Diego:

Now I know why we were chasing her... She stole my heart.

Now I know why we were chasing her… She stole my heart.

My worry is that she is identical to her twin, P.D. Montgomery, right down to his love of sweater vests and Joss Whedon. I think P.D. would die a happy man if he saw Nathan Fillion quipping with a strong female protagonist while wearing a nice argyle sweater vest. I am now going to hit on Jean Louise by telling her a joke that mixes word play, literature, and comic books. Since this is a surefire way to get into PD’s suede elbow patched blazer and sweet corduroy pants I can only assume that this will work on Jean Louise as well:

Hey Jean Louise, Who was the Great Gatsby’s favorite superhero?

… The Green Lantern!

Who was his least favorite hero?


Jean Louise, please contain yourself. Just blog at me if you’re interested and hot, or if you aren’t hot that’s acceptable too. We could use some interblog drama.

Also, this weeks dog in people clothes. In honor of our first female addition to the staff:

this would work work better if this was a black lab

PS For the record I would have DOMINATED PBS’s “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego” Rockapella would have been so impressed.


I wanted one of these so bad as a kid. Apparently I wanted to get wedgied.

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