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The Pretentious Corner: On Meat & Whether Technology Is The Enemy of Reading

Inspirational Lubricant Du Jour: The greasy meat juice that is no doubt slowly replacing the blood in my veins and arteries.  I hope all seven of you will forgive the tardiness of this post. I’ve consumed essentially nothing but delicious … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Believer

Good evening!  Let’s get this thing going before midnight, shall we?  My brother might be mad if I blog on his blogging day. What a news week it’s been! How about that SCOTUS? Some other people weren’t happy either: Mike … Continue reading

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MUTOD: “The Day I Learned Who Other People Were”

Most of my MUTODs have been about me complaining: “There’s a new ECKSBAWKS!  WHINE!!!” or “VIDEO GAMES!  TV SHOWS!  WHINE!!” “WINE!  WHINE!” So let’s mix it up a little and let me share things from my own perspective in the … Continue reading

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This is What it Sounds Like When Dudes Cry

Bros don’t emote. Not our thing. No surprise there. Sure, we express things like joy (“Whoo, breasts!”), excitement (“Whoo, breasts!”), hunger (“Whoo, breasts would go great with this sandwich!”), and even anger (“Where the hell are the breasts?!”) with ease … Continue reading

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now what?

I woke up bored and then came todays paper, which only made it worse. Football player arrested for murder and he is not on the Ravens. Supreme Court is not so Supreme again. They once again, like congress, voted 5 … Continue reading

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Fuck CitiBike

First things first: Finally, Fuck CitiBike. I spent all day driving the one percent around Manhattan, and I have decided that I would like to be rich. Scrooge Mcduck rich. The thing about being able to measure your wealth in … Continue reading

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New Episode

I know this looks like a long one, and it is. But we make up for it by having a lot to talk about, being as hilarious as usual, and having a swinging impromptu musical number in which Eric knew … Continue reading

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