More Tommy Moon

Once more, I, your beloved despot, will be copy and pasting the old man’s musings. Don’t worry, we’ll get him to figure out how to use what he calls his “magic angry rectangle of porn.” You might know it as an iPad. Without further adieu:

OK  here I am again. Despite what our rude editor said about me last week I will try to communicate in this wonderful modern forum.  My favorite part of the newspaper, that’s right a real newspaper , that I read and get ink on my hands . Not your electronic paper which is about as exciting as a Mets game . So where was I , oh the sports section.  All I get now is the latest star athlete , couch, manager, trainer whatever, in a sex scandal , a screaming scandal or just plane old drug scandal. Woopie so they are just as dumb and selfish as the rest of us. This does not make me happy. I want to have my sports heroes be clean and my rock heroes to be drunken druggies. Where have we gone wrong? The culture is fucked up. Mick is in better shape than Lance Armstrong. Bruce is more sober than Josh Hamilton and ARod gets more bootie than Axel. What the fuck. TV and Punk rock did this. Where is IGGY when we need him. Enough of Michael Vick in the NFL he needs a band and a tour. American Idol has all these Disney characters trying to be yet another POP star. No grit , no get down, just happy happy joy joy. Let’s get  the clean living back in sports and the lying, cheating , drunks back in Rock and roll or politics where they belong. Eat me.

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By reading this blog, you legally forfeit your right to cry, eat tofu, or watch movies where people kiss in the rain and sh*t!
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