MUTOD: "TODAY’S DATE" Photoshops

It took me less than a minute to find the real date*

Dear internet, stop making those stupid “date changed” Photoshop things.  The most glaring ones feature the movie Back to the Future, but there have been others from other famous works.  Congratulations you morons who just illegally acquired CS6 and the “digital clock” font.†

Seriously, I don’t understand the mentality behind these things.  Why even try to tell everyone something when all they need to do is…

Goddamn it.

Seriously?  Come on.  The worst are the people who believe it from the get-go and run around on Twitter expressing joy and plastering it all over their Facebook wall like a YouTuber shout-commenting “FIRST!!”

Maybe you should spend your time making Photoshops that are actually impressive instead of….whatever this kind of “trolling” would be considered…

For instance, here’s Paul as the American Chopper guy:



And look!  It even has today’s date!  You’re welcome, Internet.

* the real date in the movie:  October 21st, 2015
† it’s actually called LCD.  My bad.

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