Enough Already

Morning, I am up early because Im shooting a morning spot for golf. Who care s right, exactly, who care what I’m doing or for that matter what your doing. First off forget my spelling and grammar ,this ain’t Shakespeare.
Sorry professor . Oh year the Gatsby thing was along as the fuckin movie, at my age the little things usually piss me off , today it two big things . One the phony ,lier, traveling salesman got back where he belong, congress. You can’t make this up. One of the most beautiful states of the Union put the LUV GUV back in charge of something. What where they thinking . I don’t five a shit about the affair it was the bull shit way he handled it. Like we and his wife we morons. Just admit you fucked up and get on with it. NO, he a bad actor and story teller. He makes Snookie look like Robert Duval. Who voted , show of hands. Just because he is a member of your favorite , useless party, don’t make his a smart vote. Vote for the person not the party. They are both lost. Next Col.Clink of the USAF. He is in charge of sex violations in the Air Force and he jumps a woman in a parking lot. He should be a rapper, not a fuckin Col. I can’t wait to hear his story. I hope he call the LUV CONGRESSMAN and gets some tips. Who needs reality TV we got so much real junk in the NEWS. Have a great day on your stupid tweets, I am going out without my phone and smell the roses. Eat Me. Hats off to all the MOMs. We need more MOMs in charge of everything.

About Paul

By reading this blog, you legally forfeit your right to cry, eat tofu, or watch movies where people kiss in the rain and sh*t!
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