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This is what I’m going to start calling my ramblings:  MUTODs — “My Uneducated Thought of the Day.”
MUTOD is what I was originally going to use my twitter for, and then I wanted to make it into a blog of assorted musings, but I guess this works too.  I don’t put a lot of work into a MUTOD because these are fleeting thoughts, so here’s my disclaimer:  I write these with one viewpoint only (my own, duh) and I do very little homework into exploring the other side of whatever debate may be sparked.
So here’s my first installment of this:
For those of you who aren’t keeping track, Futurama was originally “canceled” by Fox in 2003.  A few years passed, and with the support of loving fans Futurama continued.  The show carried on with a big direct-to-DVD special.  It wasn’t that good, but we all kind of pretended it was.
Comedy Central picked up the show in 2010 and has kept the show alive since.  However, since it’s original “cancellation” I don’t think Futurama ever got back on it’s feet, which is why I’m not deeply sadden by the fact that Comedy Central decided not to renew it two weeks ago, hammering the final nail in its coffin.
It seems as though the charm of the original show never really came back.  What once was a show that thrived off of this “future world,” with all sorts of ridiculous characters and worldly conventions, the story lines never improved.  Sure there was a joke about the iPhone and new technology, and jokes about cruelty to animal robots, but to this date the only episode that ever impressed me was called “The Prisoner of Benda” (S07E10) where the plot was propelled forward by a mathematical formula.
Let me be clear on this — I hate math.  Not as much as ironing, but I hate hate math.  The fact that the basis of the episode centered around a mathematical formula (that clearly went over my head) fascinated me, and — in my opinion — I felt like this was smartly written, and this is what Futurama was about — being smart, whilst the main character was the idiot, his sidekick was a jerk, and the supporting cast all had one-adjective personalities.  Characters, big and small, were defined well, and much like the town of Springfield even the background characters remained consistent (and sometimes developed).
Somewhere the show lost its way, and I’m not sure what the writers were trying for.  Perhaps the show tried to be too relevant to pop culture (do we even call it “pop culture” anymore, or do we just call it “trending”?) or maybe it tried too hard to be funny.  For me Futurama ended a long time ago with a glimmer of hope — a crude, cartoonish image generated out of a holophonor.

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3 Responses to MUTOD – Futurama

  1. P.D. Montgomery says:

    For those of us who are keeping track, your picture is a fail. Maybe your next uneducated thought of the day should be about how educated you have to be to correctly imbed an image in a blog. Film majors, everybody!

  2. Eric says:

    It’s a picture of two characters from Futurama. For those of us keeping track shut your goddamn mouth. (See you at dinner, by the way)

  3. Paul says:

    Overeducated vs Uneducated: Bloody Brawl in the Blogosphere! Tonight on ESPN ∛12!

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