So here’s my question — why does everyone hate Lena Dunham?

She’s a 26 year old award-winner who has created an actually entertaining show.  I sat down and watched Girls, and I never got tired of it.  Sure I may have rolled my eyes at parts where the show shifted from “this is lifelike” to “this is clearly T.V.” and yeah, some of her characters can be pretty stupidly written and yeah, paint women (or girls?) in a non-flattering light, but considering that the character on the show who seems to get shit on the most is Lena herself I’m not sure I understand why people dislike her?  It’s no Game of Thrones, but it’s not trying to be.

Maybe we should make a Girls equivalent of BroCast, where it’s just our daily “drama,” like…

  • The treadmills at the gym are all in use
  • My ipod died while I was running — through central park
  • We’ve run out of scotch
  • Can’t get to the bar because there’s a goddamn line.  (Looking at you, Brass Monkey)
  • OKCupid keeps baiting me to log in
  • My Xbox needed to update itself and I can’t play anything for the next seven minutes.
  • The cleaning lady didn’t come

Thanks Lee.

Maybe it’s just because she’s accomplished so much and she’s only 26?  We’re all at least a year older than her — how could people not be envious of that?  She’s broken out at the perfect time.  I say good for her.

She’s a writer first and foremost, and had she been in our screenwriting class I think we would have had a lot of fun table reading her stuff.  SCOTT THOMPSON!

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5 Responses to Lena…Lena…LENA!

  1. Paul says:


  2. Lee Powers says:

    Speak for yourself Gramps. Lee Powers is 26 and fine!

  3. Tommy Moon says:

    Hey Ebert, First you say you like the show then do twenty minutes why is sucks. Wake up. Do you or don,t you. You sound like you should be a guest on Girls in drag. As far as your guy show those are your problems. The tread mill and your cleaning lady, save me . You need to get out more. I got problems just going to the bathroom. Eat me.

  4. P.D. Montgomery says:

    Here’s a clue as to why people hate Lena Dunham: she’s a mediocre screenwriter being treated like a goddess. 100% of her kudos go for identifying a sub-genre that would be instantly popular and finding a way to dupe Judd Apatow into helping her gain enough clout to make a show. After an intriguing first season, “Girls” went off the rails in Season 2 with reckless Theon-Greyjoy-like abandon. That show is the epitome of genre and style masking woefully lacking substance. There are many 26-year-olds who are jealous of her, but they should be envious of her catching a whale of a break and not her creative ability.

    Oh yeah: and EVERYONE ON THAT SHOW IS A HORRIBLE PERSON. Pretty hard to have meaningful character arcs when everyone is already the worst.

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